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Some things i learnt from wanting to ask

I was setting a math paper when i came up with this question:

Leo was trying to sell off his comic collection. 4 people made offers to him:

Alan : I will buy 3/4 of your collection for $3000
Bob   : I will buy 7/8 of your collection for $2000
Cody : I will buy ½ of your collection for $2000
Dan   : I will buy 2/6 of your collection for $1000

I decided to take it out of the paper because:

  1. i didn’t know what to ask; this was a multiple choice, ‘not so easy but not so difficult’ question and i just couldn’t figure out what to ask!
  2. there are so many ways of looking at this, too many variables, that i think it is more suited for a discussion than a test paper

For instance:

I could ask, ‘Which customer made the best offer?’

To which you could say either Alan or Cody. Alan was offering the most money out of only 4 offers. Who’s to say Leo would get any more offers afterwards? And what if he doesn’t wanna wait, and ends up getting rid of the unsold comics?

Then again with Cody’s offer he’ll still be left with half his collection, and the possibility of a second buyer later.

I could ask who was paying the most per comic, but what’s the point of that really. Doing the math like that doesn’t really get us anything all that useful.

If i asked which was the worst offer then obviously it would be Dan but anyone can arrive at that answer without much thinking, so it doesn’t qualify as a suitable question.

Are there any other interesting angles to this? Would you have phrased the story differently?



this post is gonna be FULL of questions so i’m just gonna not end every sentence with a question mark lest it gets sickening to your mind’s voice

Loki is my cat. we adopted him after years of wanting to have a cat. we’ve had to mesh up all our windows and front gate to keep him from running/jumping out. we live on the 12th floor so that’s a legit issue. and so we’ve had to spend a fair bit of time, energy and money getting that done.

but i love him so much. why do i love him so much, to the point we willingly did all that (just a related point)

is it because he is cute. is that really just it.

or because he seems helpless, like, we gotta feed him and clear his litter. he’s not helpless as a cat, he’s ‘helpless’ cos we’ve ‘trapped’ him in a house. so to love him because i have to care for him, even though he never asked for it, seems… off. perhaps it’s cos we adopted him that he has no choice but to live with humans but then again he was only about 2 months old when that happened. i’m kinda sure a cat that age might learn to survive in the wild… though the risks of getting hurt are pretty high i suppose.

do i love him because he loves me. i know he loves me because of what he does: licks me, cuddles up next to me when i sleep sometimes, jumps onto my lap and makes himself comfortable and then happily kneads away, 90% of the time when i step out of the bathroom he’s there lying on the mat, and almost every time i come home i hear him run to the door (when the main door is closed) or he runs to greet me as i open the gate (the exception is when he’s asleep. if he’s asleep he doesn’t care to move)

do i love him because he’s so small. and his meow isn’t too high pitched nor low pitched and it sorta matches his size

is it cos he has a perfectly formed and perfectly proportioned face

is it cos he’s innocent

is it cos he just does what he has to and never hurts anyone or anything willingly

or is this love something i cannot explain, something i will just have to feel and be conscious of in its entirety yet never know the cause of. and is this love the strange thing that will keep me sad when he’s gone one day, and i know i regret nothing about the time spent with him, and that i got to say all i want to say, and i know i’ll see him again someday.

why do i keep thinking of how it will be when things come to an end; school, my 4 year bond, people’s lives, this government, life as we know it

i should stop because i feel i could go on into ten different discussions when i SHOULD be finishing up my reading.

so i’ll conclude with this:

i honestly think i might be allergic to cat fur or something, my nose is usually itchy and runny when i’m home and sometimes i sneeze a lot

HTH > hope this helps

alright i’m putting these out here in case it might be of any benefit to anyone.

  1. i’m running android 5.0 on my xperia m4 aqua. i downloaded the humblebundle app, downloaded a few games and when i tried installing em i found the ‘install’ button was unresponsive. not greyed out, just unresponsive
    SOLUTION: from a forum post. disable screen-dimming app. i use lux lite. i disabled it and it worked. why? the app creates an overlay over the display, and system dialogs cannot be accessed through em or sth like that.
  2. actually this will apply to several other instances too, same trick: disable dimmer.
  3. restore old whatsapp chats: this is only possible if you’re moving to another phone running the same OS as your old phone (e.g. old phone android, new phone also android). it won’t work if both phones run different systems. instructions can be found here.
  4. the xperia keyboard can be set to automatically add a space after a word suggestion is selected: settings > language and input > xperia keyboard > symbols and smileys > (last option) automatic space
  5. most lock screen apps out there aren’t very good. i’m forced to stick with whatever xperia gave. if you try stuff out and don’t like em then go through file explorer and get rid of remaining folders. sometimes ads might still pop up after uninstalling.

possibility of physical, mental and psychological degradation

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